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We exist to help our clients and associates to simplify, streamline and scale by improving critical aspects of their operational processes and human resource performance via our consulting and training solutions as well as our offering of outsourced business services.

The various divisions of the company's services are further described below.

Enterprise Consulting

We manage a global associate network of experienced consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators, speakers and firms spanning a range of industries. This supports our primary service of the delivery of Management Consulting and Corporate Training Solutions to medium and large organisations.

Our team can provide knowledge, insights, direction or practical solutions to our clients in areas such as Executive Leadership, Customer Service, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Team Building, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Legal Guidance, Non-Profit Management, Business Administration and more.

Encompass Institute

The Encompass Institute is an E-Learning Platform which is used to provide cutting-edge online courses, certifications and other resources which are delivered by a range of global experts, many of whom are part of our network of associates.

Our platform is easy to use, enjoyable and effective in providing a high-quality online learning experience for course leaders and their global cohorts of students and members. Access to this platform is private and it is managed by our E-Learning Management Division.

Global Business Outsourcing

Sometimes, our clients need more than consulting or training and would rather our experts to implement a solution and/or remotely manage some aspects of their (physical or digital) operations or a particular project.

Our Outsource Division is equipped to offer solutions in a number of areas including Digital Operations Management, Online Customer Support, Digital Marketing (including Social Media), E-Business Configuration, Website Development, Digital Analytics Reporting, Business Process Documentation and Analysis, Branding, Document Production, Client Management, Payment Processing and tasks related to Business Law and Administration. 

Digital Technology & Media

The Digital Technology & Media (DTM) Division delivers digital, technological and media solutions to our clients from conceptualisation to production. 

We are a technology-driven company equipped to provide businesses with a full-suite of digital solutions to enhance both physical and digital operations, marketing and sales.

Media has become an increasingly important component of marketing and communication processes, especially with the rise of digitally-powered business operations.

Our associate network of professionals includes artists, writers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers as well as web developers, internet marketers and I.C.T. professionals.

Sales & Distribution

Our Distribution Division manages the sale, inventory management, packaging and distribution of a range of products globally via physical and digital channels.

Digital products include educational programs, software, photographs, music, film and more.

Physical products include books, clothing, merchandise, electronics, industrial equipment and more.



The Ventures Division of Encompass Global Corp. focuses on investments, financing, acquisitions and licensing.

To this end, the company also develops, licenses and manages other brands and/or companies outside of the core business areas that we are best known for.

This diverse portfolio may include brands which operate in sectors such as tourism, travel, entertainment and real estate.

Associate Network

The Encompass Global Associate Network (EGAN) is divided into two main (2) categories; Service Associates and Marketing Associates.

Service Associates are vetted professionals and organisations who may be incorporated into the delivery of our business solutions, managed by our team. By joining our network, individual professionals and firms are provided with complete operational business support allowing them to focus on their core strengths.

Marketing Associates are vetted individuals and organisations who are involved in the promotional and educational activities related to our solutions. We partner with professional marketers, sales people and past clients who have seen the quality of our solutions and are interesting in joining our extended sales force or referral network.

Applications are reviewed at preset intervals each year and are currently by invitation-only. However, please contact us if either you or your organisation are interested in joining the Encompass Global Associate Network and our team will happily assist.

Contact Us

Please contact our team if you need online support or if you have any questions about our business solutions and services. 

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