Our Mission

Encompass Global Corp. is a dynamic B2B (business to business) company which offers a range of business and operations services and solutions to leading organisations, independent professionals and their brands.

We exist to:

  1. Help our clients to simplify, streamline and scale by improving various aspects of their business process performance and human resource performance through consulting and training solutions;
  2. Help our clients to digitally discover, connect with and serve their ideal customers;
  3. Provide outsourced solutions and operational support for clients who may need it.

Our head office is located in Barbados. Our service providers and teams operate globally, primarily in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Caribbean.

Our Story

Encompass Global was created to help independent professionals and organisations to better serve their clients.

Our founding team observed that many organisations around the world were seeking to improve their internal operations via human resource development (especially leadership and productivity) and business process engineering while increasing sales and reducing operational costs via the use of technology, digital marketing and business automation.

Simultaneously, it was also noticed that many independent professionals and small firms were well-equipped to support many of these organisations via their knowledge and services, but were often in need of support in areas such as marketing, operations management and business administration including communication, scheduling, invoicing and website management.

Our company solves these two problems by providing organisations with the expertise and high-quality services that they need via our core team and the network of associates managed by the company. This allows our associates to focus on what they do best – delivery excellent service.

Our core business is consulting and training for organisations as well as the delivery of “done-for-you” outsourced business solutions, where required.

Our Work

The various divisions of the company offer a range of business and operations services and solutions to leading organisations, independent professionals and their brands.

Our primary business is the provision and coordination of consulting and training solutions in areas such as corporate leadership, productivity, team-building, customer service excellence, communication, entrepreneurship and business process engineering.

The Encompass Institute is one primary E-Learning Platform which is managed by our Consulting Division and used as a central hub for the delivery and management of online training, resources and tools. It allows our associate consultants, trainers, coaches, speakers and facilitators to easily manage their online training workshops, programs and support sessions.

Beyond our consulting solutions, we also provide additional "Done-For-You" outsourced business solutions such as Digital Marketing and E-Business management, as well as Media Production and Product Distribution. 

The company also operates other brands and business ventures in areas unrelated to our core business.

We manage an Associate Network of Service Providers and Marketing Professionals which supports the global execution and delivery of our business solutions and services.

We genuinely believe in the 'Infinite Possibilities' that exist for any professional or enterprise. We've built Encompass Global to help the best of those possibilities become real by connecting businesses and people with the solutions they need.

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