FREE, Private 90-Minute Interactive Workshop designed for Corporate Executive/Management Teams. 

Discover How Your Leadership Team Can Transform Organisational Culture, Reduce Personal Stress and Influence World-class Productivity and Profitability
(Workshop Plus 2 Special Bonuses)

Facilitated by: A John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach
Hosted by: Encompass Global Corp.

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In this LIVE Corporate Masterclass which will be customised to your organisation will learn what leading global organisations are doing to transform their leadership teams and organisational culture to improve business performance and profitability - even in the midst of global chaos and uncertainty. 

Dr. John C. Maxwell - Speaking Live on Leadership

Featuring Insights From The World's #1 Leadership Expert

INC Magazine

The workshop features licensed content from New York Times Best-selling Author Dr. John C. Maxwell, who has been acknowledged by INC Magazine as the #1 Leadership Exert in the world.

Leadership is learnable and Dr. Maxwell has masterfully framed and simplified concepts and techniques into an easily digestible format in "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership", one of his best-selling titles.

Some of those laws will be covered in this session, along with additional insights from the unique experiences of one of our John Maxwell Certified Trainers.

Designed and Recommended For

Executive Boards of Directors

Corporate Management Teams

Sales Leadership & Supervisory Teams

(Includes Workshop + BONUSES)

Understand and Solve key Root Causes of the problems leading to one or more Common Symptoms...

  • Unclear, vague and low-impact internal leadership strategy;
  • Lack of scientific methods to measure and assess leadership performance;
  • Poor modern employee engagement, initiative, accountability;
  • High employee turnover and absenteeism especially in key positions;
  • Inability to create other leaders at lower levels of the organisation;
  • High personal stress levels, especially within the Senior Leadership Team; 
  • Poor teamwork, productivity and a lack of effective communication;
  • Occurrences of wasteful, stressful conflicts leading to destructive activity;
  • Lack of innovation with an unwillingness to take strategic risks;
  • Poor sales conversion rates and customer service complaints;
  • Communication and digital leadership challenges when working remotely.

Worrying Statistics About Expensive Leadership Problems in Business

Harvard Business Review Logo

(Statistical Source: Harvard Business Review)

Losses Due to Failed Senior Management

"Research indicates that 30%–60% of leaders act destructively, with an estimated cost of $1–$2.7 million for each failed senior manager."

Billions Lost Due to Employee Turnover

"50% of employees quit their job because of their manager, while only 30% are engaged, costing the U.S. economy $550 billion a year in productivity loss."

Loss of Organisational Productivity

"A large global survey of employees attitude towards management suggests that a whopping 82% of people don't trust their boss."

Here’s What You'll Get When You Apply...

(1) Private Training Workshop Exclusively For Your Team

(Standard Price = $10,000 USD)

This 90-minute masterclass covers some of the foundational principles and core concepts of building strong personal and professional leadership around your personality to create operational excellence.

15-Minute Introductory Call

This brief call will give us an opportunity to ensure that you are a good fit for this training workshop. Each business has priorities and we want to ensure that we align with yours if you invest time in this training.

90-Minute LIVE Corporate Workshop

For the Senior Leadership Team covering the content of the Masterclass as well as an introduction to a tool used to improve hiring, teamwork, leadership and sales rep. effectiveness.

Pre-Workshop Needs Assessment

You'll be sent the Workshop Overview document and our online Pre-Workshop Assessment form so we can ensure the session is customised specifically to your team and its actual current challenges.

15-Minute Post-Workshop Debrief

Organisations which invest in this offer will also receive a complimentary Debrief Session for the Team Leader, to review the session and discuss next steps and implementation approaches.

About Dr. John C. Maxwell and Your Workshop Facilitator

Dr. John C. Maxwell has been long considered to be the top Leadership and Management expert on the planet, with 77 books and 24 million volumes as a #1 New York Times best-selling author, helping countless companies to improve, grow and succeed.

Some of the concepts from his teachings will be incorporated into the workshop alongside the original insights and approaches which each of our Associate Consultants will deliver. 

A Global Network of Certified Professionals

Dr. Maxwell leads an elite, global network of Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Speakers.

One of these certified experts who has been licensed to deliver this content will be assigned to your organisation following your submission. 

Following your application, you will receive complete details, including a professional bio., about the Associate Consultant who will be working with your team as the facilitator.

John Maxwell Team Certified Member

Here's What The Workshop Will Cover
(with customisations to meet your team's actual needs)

This masterclass will explain how specific leadership and emotional intelligence techniques can be leveraged to improve individual performance in any context of work.

Mastering these techniques can lead an organisation to increased team morale, productivity and employee retention rates.

The workshop will cover the following areas but customised to be most relevant your organisation.


Section 1: The Core Principle of Leadership

In this first section, your team will learn the core principal of leadership and how it affects overall individual and team performance. Discover whether leaders are "Born or Made", the economic impact of underperforming leadership teams and 7 factors which affect an individual's leadership capacity.


Section 2: Unlocking Key Leadership Laws for Growth

In this section, we will explore 2-3 laws of leadership which are relevant to your team built around increasing professional and business performance. We'll also discuss a short, practical case study from everyday life related to the same.


Section 3: Team Leadership through Extraordinary Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is built on relationships. An individual's level of emotional intelligence has a major impact on the quality of relationships - at work and at home. In this section, participants will understand the basics of emotional intelligence and how each unique personality types affects one's ability to lead, work and function within a team.


Section 4: Q&A

The workshop will be closed with a brief Q&A Session to answer any specific questions which may have been raised during the session.

Here’s What Others Have Said About Dr. Maxwell's Leadership Development Insights

Below are some of the comments that have been shared related to Dr. Maxwell's content.

Public Verified Review

"When I was in my early 20s this book was recommended to me; however, I never read it. Shame on me. Almost 10 years later and I feel like I had been given a treasure map, but delayed myself from ever getting the prize. Maxwell makes leadership seem easy to understand and grasp."

Public Verified Review

"If I only knew these laws years ago, I know I could have increased my leadership skills 50%. The book is a must for those people who have areas of responsibility that impact others. If you want to make a difference in your life and those around them, this book should be required reading."

Public Verified Review

"I've worked with some managers, and I've worked with some leaders, and believe me, there is a HUGE difference between the two! This book was recommended to me by a true leader, one who is invested in my success and who knows firsthand that leadership trumps management any day of the week."

(2) Behavioural Assessments and 1-on-1 Debrief Sessions for your Team Leader and HR Manager 

(Standard Price = $3,000 USD)

In addition to the live workshop, we will also include the items below for your organisation's General Manager or Director along with the HR Manager or Chief People Officer.

Online Behavioural Assessment and Analysis

Complete a simple online behavioural assessment which will be processed and analysed by our team. The assessment is one of the best in the industry built and validated with years of data.

30-Page Personality Indicator and Insights Report

Each individual who completes the assessment will receive a 30-page report which will indicate their personality and provide actionable insights to improve leadership, teamwork and communication. This is a valuable resource that will be referred to for years to come.

1-on-1 Consultation with Certified Behavioural Analyst

Each individual will then have a 60-minute Debrief Consultation where a Certified Behavioural Analyst will dissect and guide individuals through the report and highlight the key findings of the analysis.

Actionable Insights To Immediately Improve Hiring and Teamwork

This is assessment tool and analysis can help corporate leaders and HR Managers to better understand the members of their team to resolve conflicts, improve team work and enhance individual levels of performance.

Cheat-Sheet Featuring Over 300+ Best-Selling Business Books for Corporate Leaders

(Standard Price = $97 USD)

Access to Hundreds of 12-minute Written Book Summaries
(Trial Access)

Your CEO or HR Manager will receive one (1) year of free access to our online platform which features 12-minute book summaries of hundred of best-selling business titles designed to support business leaders in key areas of competencies which include Leadership, Sales, Innovation and Human Capital.

Video and Audio Library of Powerful Multimedia Summaries
(Trial Access)

All summaries of the business books hosted in the online platform are available in video and audio formats, in addition to standard text. 

Content is also available on-demand via mobile apps (both Android and Apple) in addition to the membership area of the web platform.

Discount on Action Plan Workshop For Leadership Team

(50% Off)

For executives and business owners, we understand that it is more about taking action beyond reading or watching great book summaries.

For that reason, this offer also includes a 50% discount on a 1-hour "action" workshop designed to help the team implement key ideas based on the contents of a relevant business title.

Top Organisations Are Investing in their Leaders during Challenging Times - Don't Miss It

It's no secret that organisations are investing to strengthen their leadership teams, especially with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, we've all attended one too many "Webinars" which often end up feeling like time could have been better spent elsewhere.

This is not a webinar. This is not a presenter "broadcasting" a message or generic information. The workshop will be customised to your organisation.

This is a highly interactive, LIVE workshop where participants have a chance to speak and share their thoughts. There will also be practical team activities.

The session is valuable and our consultants bring real expertise. Your team will leave better and stronger than you arrived, with actionable insights in-hand.

We have clients who pay $15,000+ for sessions and programmes similar to this. However, as we expand the number of clients we support, our philosophy leads us to "give" first when introducing our company to potential new clients. 

We want to earn your trust and showcase the quality our team delivers every day. We also get to learn more about your organisation to see if we are the partners you need for the challenges you face.

We hope you like and accept this limited-time offer and we look forward to working with you.

Limited-Time Offer Details


While this offer is available, your team will receive: 

0.00 USD
  • 10 Participants (Max 15, Min 7)
  • 15-minute Introductory and Confirmation Phone Call
  • Pre-Workshop Needs Assessment for Workshop Design
  • Customisation of Session to Your Leadership Team's Needs
  • 90-minute Interactive Corporate Workshop (Leadership Team)
  • Post-Workshop Debrief Meeting (with Team Leader + HR)
  • (x2) Individual Behavioural Assessment (Team Leader + HR)
  • (x2) 30-Page Assessment Indicator Report (Team Leader + HR)
  • (x2) 60-minute 1-on-1 Assessment Debrief (Team Leader + HR)
  • 2-Week Access to Executive Book Summaries (Leadership Team)
  • 50% Off LIVE Business Action Workshop (Leadership Team)


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We're serious about helping leadership teams maximise their performance, build their teams and drive their organisations forward. We know we can help you like we've helped others.

You'll receive some of the premium services and tools which our associate consultants offer for no cost and no long term commitment. We will take all of the risk to earn your trust and prove the quality of what we offer.

Note: You will also have the chance to speak with one of our consultants on the telephone before committing to the workshop to ensure this session is right for your team.

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